The Woot API v2 is in beta and is subject to change without notice.

Woot API v2

Updated on Mon, 2013-12-02 14:00

This page lists the endpoints for the most recent Woot API. These calls require an API key that can be obtained on your applications page.

Throttling Limits

Maximum request rate: 300 requests per 5 minutes per IP

Throttle action: Access Denied for requests crossing the Maximum request rate

Restore criteria: Access restored in 15 minutes post bringing down the request rate below the Maximum request rate


Events are collections of offers and items that represent the merchandise listed on Woot

Endpoint Description
GET /events.json Returns a collection of events.
GET /events/{id}.json Returns a single event.


Offers are collections of items, product images, a product description and specifications, and a "write-up"

Endpoint Description
GET /offers/{id}.json Returns a single offer.

Monkey Chats

Monkey Chats represent a series of banter between Monte & Mortimer, our mascot monkeys.

Endpoint Description
GET /monkeychats.json Returns a collection of Monte & Mortimer exchanges.


Endpoint Description
GET /polls.json